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Foundation and Beliefs

Hildegard is founded on the following Core Beliefs:

To Unite People of All Beliefs…

  • Now more than ever, we must recognize our world has more in common than different; the arts make it possible to work collectively and inspire change
  • Creativity awakens the Spirit, revealing something far greater than ourselves
  • Artistic expression sheds light on the ultimate meaning of human existence

To Unite People of All Cultures and Traditions…

  • The arts serve as an enduring bridge to unite cultures and generations as we explore all that is possible
  • Art appreciation and participation serves as a unique vehicle to unite people, celebrate traditions and enrich lives

To Inspire Humanity Through the Arts…

  • All people have the potential to create, appreciate and celebrate the arts
  • The arts offer the world beauty and renewed hope



Wisdom awakens not to boredom or dullness but to life and to cosmic beauty: “I, the fiery life of divine essence, am aflame beyond the beauty of the meadows. I gleam in the waters. I burn in the sun, moon and stars. With every breeze, as with invisible life that contains everything, I awaken everything in life.”   Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179)