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Help the Vision Grow!

With help from our Friends of Hildegard, the Vision for Hildegard Center for the Arts continues to grow at an exciting pace.  From co-sponsoring nationally known speakers to spearheading an inaugural “Spiritual Art Tour”, to two published books and countless creative collaborations too many to mention ~  Hildegard is using the arts as a bridge to connect people of all beliefs, cultures and traditions.

Whatever your abundance might be, either in the investment of resources, time or ideas, we invite you to please join hands with Friends of Hildegard and help “Celebrate the Arts and Inspire Humanity” in Nebraska and far beyond!


Friends of Hildegard; become a member!

~ Visionary              ($1,000 & up)

~ Benefactor       ($500 & up)

~ Patron              ($250 & up)

~ Mentor             ($100 & up)

~ Advocate         (up to $99)

Donations are 100% tax deductible.
To make a membership donation, simply donate on-line by using the Donate button (on left) or send a check (made payable to Hildegard Center for the Arts) to:

Hildegard Center for the Arts
P.O. Box 5304
Lincoln, NE  68505


Ambassador / Social Activities / Volunteer

There’s a myriad of rewarding opportunities that await a Friends of Hildegard member; whether it be programming, publicity, clerical, social media, fundraising, social events or simply serving as a Hildegard ambassador.  As an active member, you are welcome to participate however you wish!

We are grateful to our loyal supporters and appreciate their role in helping Hildegard Center for the Arts realize its beautiful mission to “unite people of all beliefs, cultures and traditions to inspire humanity through the arts.”  Thanks for being a friend! 


Friends of Hildegard 

Visionary  (1,000 & up)
Kim & Daniel Einspahr
Kristi & Jeff Heng

Rita & Joe Kean
Douglas Lienemann
Cynthia & Robert Milligan
Angie & Dan Muhleisen
Rich Nicoll
Fran & Dick Olson
Rhonda & Tom Peed
Kyle Sitzman
Kaela & Dave Stamper
Erin & Andrew Willis
Anne & Steve Woita


Benefactor   ($500 and up)
Kathy & Herb Friedman
Lucille & Ray Judds
Fr. Tom McKenna

Patron  ($250 and up)
Susan & Mike Ferris
Rhea Gill
John Matulis
Liz Shea & Mike McCoy
Bernie Rempe

Mentor  ($100 and up)

D’Arcy & Jim Blosser
Walt Canney
Ken Dustin
Anne Emler
Fay & Mike Fayad
Carolyn & Chuck Gegorious
Maureen & Ken Hake

Ken Hoppmann
Barbara Hoppe Johnson and Bruce Johnson
Kathy Kuehn
Pippa & Craig Lawson
Rabbi Craig Lewis
Carole Levin
Gwen Lindberg
Mimi & Jeremy Murphy

Anne Sheedy Gardner
Marilyn Stadler
Myrna & Larry Tewes

Birgit Young

Advocate (up to $99)

Anna Alcalde
Susie & Jim Blue
Brian Bornstein
Lawrence Brown
Linda & Pat Clare
Marsha Dunn
Ramona Fink
Carol & Larryl Fuerst
Diane Gabelhouse
Martha Gadberry
Barbara Griffith
Christine Grosh & David Pitts
Cathy & Jim Harrington
Nancy Heiser
Therees Hibbard
Katie Hottovy
Paul Hottovy
Sharon Johnson
Jennifer Koolen
Elaine Kruse
Kathy Kucera
Craig Lewis
Jodi & Mike Lindberg
Pat & Dick McCashland
Jamie McLennan
Gail McNair
Gwendolyn Meister
Barbara Nieveen
Mary Odgaard
Carol Olson
Connie & Gene Olson
Kathy & Bob Owen
Sophia Potter
Bob Puschendorf
Georgeanne Rashilla
Janelle Reed
Susan Reiber
Shelley Reimers
Mary Beth Rice
Shirley Ritter
Laurie Reinsch

Colleen Ring
Shirley Ritter
Ken Rouch
Judy & Oscar Sandberg
Doug Smith
Jan & Bob Stamp
April Stevensen
George Tuck
Lori Uridil
Dylan Wall
Michele Williamson