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The Look of Hildegard

Hildegard Von Bingen, the inspiration and namesake of this Center, was a nun blessed by God with many gifts. Throughout her writings and teachings, Hildegard “extolled the virtue of usefulness.” In fact, in the final sentence of her major work, De Operatione Dei, Hildegard tells us that the reason for her work has been for the usefulness of believers who are asked to receive her words with a modest heart. She writes that “God destroys uselessness” (Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen by Matthew Fox).

In keeping with Hildegard’s life of simplicity and emphasis on usefulness in every aspect of being, the Hildegard Center for the Arts will embrace elegance through simplicity, usefulness in the formation and function of the physical structure and an abundance of opportunities to educate and enlighten with the ultimate goal of uniting people of all beliefs, cultures and traditions through the arts.


VISION: Following is the physical vision for Hildegard:

  • Large Choral/Band/Orchestra practice room
  • Dance Rehearsal Room/Children’s Enrichment Center
  • Seminar Room with moveable walls
  • Classrooms with moveable walls
  • Individual Vocal/Instrumental practice rooms
  • Media Center/Computer Lab
  • Pottery/Sculpture/Painting Lab
  • Music Lending Library/Resource Center
  • Administrative Office Space
  • Small Artist in Residence Studios
  • Space to rent out for offices, a coffee shop, and a recording studio
  • Small Chapel
  • Reception/Banquet Hall with Full Kitchen
  • Art Gallery with movable walls and mobile exhibit space
  • Cultural Commons/Reception area with warming kitchen (adjacent to Art Gallery and Performance Center)
  • Performance Center/Theater (seating for approx. 600) with two “green” rooms
  • Exterior Grounds with landscaping and walking paths designed for reflection, small meetings and/or performances.


Keeping in mind that Hildegard was a woman of science with great love and respect for nature, the Center bearing her name will also embrace conservation of energy, natural and financial resources entrusted to her. The Center will be as architecturally “green” and timeless as possible, incorporating natural lighting, automatic on/off lighting and water, and the latest technology throughout the facility to insure conservation and natural resource preservation and utilization.