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A “creative” relief effort for children of Hurricane Harvey

Let’s C.A.R.E. together! Art Breaks is a community wide effort to provide art supplies for children affected by Hurricane Harvey to offer healing and repair through the arts. It’s a C.A.R.E. Initiative sponsored by Hildegard Center for the Arts in partnership with Alpha Media, Lincoln Public Schools, the Lincoln Arts Council, the Center for Civic Engagement-UNL, and Eagle Printing and Sign.

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has caused a great loss of property and possessions, including art supplies from schools and homes. Other budget priorities may delay replacement, thus depriving people, particularly children, of the therapy that creativity provides.

Beginning September 30, drop off barrels will be available at various retail locations throughout the city of Lincoln. 100% of supplies and monetary donations will be delivered to Region V schools near Beaumont, Texas to give kids a much needed “Art Break.” 


Where to Donate

  • Hobby Town USA – Pioneer Woods Shopping Center, 70th and Pioneers 
  • Gomez Art Supply -120 North 14th Street
  •  Michael’s Art and Craft Supplies – 400 North 48th, and South Pointe Pavilion
  •  Urban Legends Art Studio – 2632 North 48th
  • 33rd and Cornhusker Highway (KFOR wrapped Star Tran Bus will be there the weekend of September 30 and Oct.1.)
  • Lincoln Arts Festival at Southpointe Pavilions September 30—October 1/ KFOR/Alpha Media tent 



Special Opportunities to Donate—Find drop-off barrels at the following events:

Lincoln Salt Dogs Stadium, Haymarket Park–402 Line Drive Circle
Public Viewing Day –October 5th 11:30am-8pm
Public Auction of the Hearts – October 6th, doors open at 5PM, auction starts at 7pm

LINCOLN ART FESTIVAL September 30—October 1
SouthPointe Pavilions, Haymarket Park, Alpha Media Tent

September 30—October 1 
A bus will be parked at the Pioneer Woods Shopping Center, 70th and Pioneers in front of Hobby Town U.S.A. to collect supplies and monetary donations


What to Donate

Watercolor Paint
Acrylic Paint—Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
Tempera Paint
Brushes—Assorted sizes and types
Canvas boards

Printmaking supplies
Ink—red, yellow, blue, black, white
Printmaking paper
Styrofoam sheets 

Construction paper
Tissue Paper
Decorative Papers

Colored Pencils
CrayPas/ Oil pastels
Sharpies—Black assorted tips
Elmer’s White Glue
Glue Sticks
Paper punches
Masking Tape
Clear Tape

Chenelle Stems—Pipe Cleaners
Assorted beads
WonderFoam Sheets
Craft Sticks
Fimo Clay
Modeling Clay
Designer Stamps


Cash Donations
All monetary donations are tax deductible. Make checks payable to Hildegard Center for the Arts and mail to:

Hildegard Center for the Arts
PO Box 5304
Lincoln, NE  68505

Questions? Call 402-416-8650 

100% of supplies and monetary donations will be delivered to Region V schools near Beaumont, Texas as part of this effort.


“Art Breaks” Committee—Co-Chairs: Charlie Brogan and Jan Thelan; Anna Alcalde, Kim Einspahr, Linda Major, Lori McAlister, Dorothy Ramsey, Lorinda Rice, Marilyn Stadler, Deb Weber.