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Art from the Heart

Project Chairs:  Cathy Harrington and Marilyn Stadler

Hildegard Center for the Arts’ mission to “Celebrate the Arts and Inspire Humanity” is beautifully exemplified in one of our newest initiatives called Art from the Heart.


About the Project

Art from the Heart is a collaborative project between Hildegard Center for the Arts, Legacy Retirement Communities and Pius X High School; art students, Laurie Rodaway (Pius X Art Teacher) and Molly Milana (Pius X Campus Minister).


“Art from the Heart” Goals:

  • To provide residents of Legacy Retirement Communities (56th and Pioneers) with hands-on art experiences that will offer an outlet for self-expression and exploration.
  • To stimulate creativity in a non-judgmental and safe environment.
  • To provide an opportunity for residents to share and interact with each other and their high school art tutors.
  • To adapt the art program to meet the physical and emotional abilities of the residents.
  • To offer high school art students an intergenerational teaching and relationship – building experience. (Pius X students will also be receiving Community Service hours.)



Classes began January 2014

Art from the Heart officially kicked off in January 2014 with a “Meet and Greet” assisted by Pius X Art Tutors: Tina Le, Kaela Samek, Haley Steger, Lawrence Nguyen, Sammi Grendahl,  Lauren Schieke and Anne Cassidy.  Participating Legacy students were encouraged to share a piece of art that they had either made, collected or been given.  Paper mache over-sized animals, hand-made paper diaries and architectural renderings were just a few of the art pieces shared.


(L-R)Cathy Harrington, Tina Le, Anne Cassidy, Haley Steger, Sammi Grendahl, Kaela Samek, Lawrence Nguyen, Marilyn Stadler


Cathy Harrington speaks with the Legacy residents









Classes are free!

Classes are held the fourth Thursday of each month and free to residents at the Legacy Retirement Community located at 56th & Pioneers.

With input provided by Legacy’s Activities Director, Carla Hiatt, Cathy Harrington was able to lay the groundwork and develop creative curriculum specific for the Legacy residents.  Cathy Harrington is a professional art educator and Hildegard Board of Director.  With help from her friend and LPS educator Marilyn Stadler (also a Hildegard Board of Director), the two women have committed to oversee Art from the Heart and develop lesson plans for all class sessions.  Their involvement is completely volunteer and exemplifies the quality of dedicated people who work passionately on Hildegard’s behalf to “unite and inspire” through the arts.

Their goal is to build the class size for Legacy residents and eventually expand Art from the Heart to other Retirement Communities in Lincoln.




Community Art Enrichment/ Art In Non-Traditional Spaces

Sponsored by Hildegard Center for the Arts, Art from the Heart is one of several It’s Original|Community Art Enrichment projects currently underway as part of Art in Non-Traditional Spaces; a new arts initiative that is providing “original” art opportunities to non-traditional audiences that gently touch and encourage the lives of patients, children, the elderly and homeless. Visit Art in Non-Traditional Spaces to learn more!