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Using the Arts to “Bridge” Communities and Cultures

As Hildegard Center for the Arts carries out its mission to “Celebrate the Arts and Inspire Humanity,” we embrace the challenge to continue bringing the arts to nontraditional audiences in fresh and innovative ways. With the successful completion of Hildegard’s groundbreaking collaboration with L/LC Habitat for Humanity, “Doorways to Hope”, drawing to a close, HCFA looks towards “Bridges” as its new inspiration for programming over the next three years. (2015 – 2017)

Well-built “Bridges” offer safe passage; they connect people of all ages and walks of life; they act as a link and conduit to share ideas and open up possibilities. Bridges built with a purpose increase the range of all that is possible and the courage to cross over obstacles that seem insurmountable. As HCFA moves ahead, we not only strive to build bridges with the arts, but to also share a clear vision that gives all the courage to cross in safety and confidence.

Possible outreach for “Bridges” include:

  • creating community outreach for summer art enrichment for low-income children
  • acting as a clearing house for art lessons and activities for those facing the challenges of dementia and Alzheimer’s, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder and physical mental and emotional challenges
  • inviting photographers from across the state to create art with a charitable purpose
  • sharing the wisdom and timely relevance of Ponca Chief Standing Bear with a new generation
  • creating our second Spiritual Art Tour to shine a light on the arts focusing on beliefs, cultures and traditions in our community

images-9And this is just the beginning as HCFA joins hands with all who share her vision and embrace the possibilities.

There are many bridges to build—and Hildegard is taking up the challenge to use the arts as a vehicle to reach out, touch lives, and invite all to cross the bridge together.