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Gallery of Julee Lowe’s Religious Installations

In Addition to Artwork Featured on the Virtual Tour

In the Middle Ages when much of the population was illiterate, stained glass windows were often called the “Poor Man’s Bible”—they told Biblical stories through designs beautifully illustrated in glass. Just as in centuries past, Julee Lowe continued to tell stories from the Bible using images, symbolism, lead, glass and light.

By visiting Julee Lowe’s Virtual Tour, you will find photos of her art with commentary for six select sites: Southview Christian Church, St. David’s Episcopal Church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Campus, Calvary Lutheran Church, Newman United Methodist Church, and Good Samaritan Hospital. In addition to these six sites, Julee also created beautiful stained glass windows and other religious art for sites across Nebraska into Wyoming. (See the section Julee Lowe’s Stained Glass Religious Installations for a complete listing. Also, visit the Virtual Tour featuring six selected sites with in depth background and photos.) Having crafted 159 sacred stained glass windows for more than 30 sites across the Midwest, Julee leaves behind a legacy of inspiration, hope and light in communities near and far.

This gallery features a sampling of Julee’s work from some of the 26 sites not included on the Virtual Tour. Where possible, photos are labeled to identify their location. Special thanks to Charles Lowe for sharing photos from Julee’s archives as well as photographers, Jason Jewell (First Presbyterian in Cedar Bluffs), Audra Jensen (All Faiths Chapel, York Correctional Center for Women), and Pastor Ken McQueen (Trinity Chapel in Rokeby) for their contributions to the gallery.