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Julee Lowe’s Bio

Julee Lowe's Bio 01Born in Hastings to Francis and Darlene Clark…moved to Lincoln at the age of 12…graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School in 1963…received bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln in 1968…married Charles Lowe in 1968…taught in Hawaii, California, and Nebraska…gave birth to Becky in 1974…began creating stained glass in 1977…was a renowned and sought-after stained glass artist from 1977 until her death in July, 2012, as a result of metastatic breast cancer…

Julee Lowe’s “laundry list” of milestones does not begin to capture the essence of this remarkable, multi-dimensional woman. In speaking of her mother, Becky Lowe-Weyand said, “There is so much more I could share. She was funny, intelligent, and intense. She loved flowers and thunderstorms and the Snowy Range Mountains in Wyoming. I could go on and on and never really feel satisfied that I was ‘done.’” Maria Cadwallader, a dear friend to Julee for more than 30 years, described her as, “more reserved than demonstrative, highly intuitive, intellectual and creative, an introvert.” Former High School Classmate and long-time fellow church member and friend Nan Hanway added, “I would describe Julee as an open, honest spirit—always generous.”

Julee Lowe's Bio 02Jan Lingren knew Julee through their shared interest in Jungian dream analysis. As “dream partners” for more than 30 years, Jan described Julee as, “very much an individual. She wasn’t concerned about being stylish or fashionable. Her focus was on creativity and intellectual pursuits and in living her life more consciously. She wanted to develop her potential. For Julee it was about stepping away from the ordinary, where she didn’t always feel at home, and finding her own path.” Here, then, is a fleeting glimpse into the life and art of Julee Lowe.