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Julee Lowe’s Bio

Julee the Artist 14Julee embraced the art of living, which included creativity in the kitchen. “She was not a gourmet cook—she never really planned ahead. She would wander into the kitchen, check the fridge and pantry and then whip up something luscious. I miss her meals!” Charlie reminisced. And Julee’s love of the arts was definitely not confined to stained glass or visual art. She also had a love of music and took part in many choirs beginning in her early teens and continuing through her life. Julee the Artist 15

“Her devotion to music, especially choral music—both sacred and secular—was life-long and enthusiastic,” shared Pamela Starr, professor of music at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. Pamela remembers one of the last two times she performed with Julee. “In April, 2012, we found ourselves on the stage of the Lied Center. We were both part of a large chorus, a combination of six separate choirs, rehearsing and performing Benjamin Britten’s monumental War Requiem with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Edward Polochick. Julee was then under treatment for a recurrence of cancer. Nevertheless, she got through two demanding dress rehearsals and then the challenge of performance to the full and appreciative audience at the Lied. This is an exceptionally difficult work to perform under any circumstances. Julee, like all her choral companions, gave her all in the effort to make the evening completely memorable and deeply moving.”

Charlie said, “I remember the performance of the War Requiem. Julee was so weak that she had to sit every chance she got, but she was a real trooper and really wanted to be in that performance. Becky came down from Omaha, and she and I sat together in the balcony of the Lied Center for the performance. I remember that when it came to its beautiful conclusion (the last chord was simply magnificent!), we were standing with the audience and applauding, but we were both sobbing like babies. The moving music and Julee’s fortitude brought up strong emotions, and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Right there in the middle of the Lied, Becky and I just held each other and had a good cry.”