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Julee Lowe’s Bio

Commissions 07

Julee’s breast cancer came back in February 2011. Even though it had metastasized, her oncologist and medical team provided treatments that kept it from spreading any further—for a year. By the spring of 2012, though, the cancer began to spread again, and she began to undergo more difficult treatments, including radiation. Anne Goddard described Julee’s effort in creating the Mary window during this time: “Any artist knows that during the creative process there are moments of frustrations and challenges, and moments where everything comes together. Julee experienced both in her last commission.”

Commissions 09“After struggling with Mary’s face for over three weeks, Julee came into my studio and said, ‘Anne, Mary is driving me crazy!’ We laughed and laughed! But I think somewhere in that laughter, Julee let go of her frustration and let her passion and talent through. Within two days, Julee had created one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and serene faces of Mary I have ever seen.” (See the video Brilliant Light to learn more about Julee’s life and art.)