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Julee Lowe’s Bio

Julee the Artist

Julee the Artist 01

“I have drawn pictures since I could hold a pencil,” Julee said in an interview. “As a child, I would use soft stones to draw on the sidewalk when I ran out of paper.” Art was a big part of her growing up, and as a child Julee dreamed of becoming a famous artist. After graduating from high school, she pursued art studies at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. There she dabbled in every art class offered, including art history.

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Charlie Lowe, Julee’s widower, remembered how that particular class played a part in their romance. “Julee and I met in an art history class at UNL. The class was boring, and it was held in a darkened room to facilitate the showing of slides. This led to a lot of note-passing, flirting, and eventual dating on our part. I don’t think either one of us got our best grades in that course, but I think we got something better—each other.” Julee completed her undergraduate degree in 1968, the same year she and Charlie became husband and wife.

Julee the Artist 03After their wedding, Charlie’s tour in the Navy took the couple to Hawaii and California before returning to Nebraska, where she taught art in Louisville until 1973. Charlie recalled, “When Julee taught art at the high school in Louisville, the principal of the school was a stickler for keeping the classrooms neat and tidy. He was always getting on Julee about the fact that her art room was messy some of the time. He didn’t seem to understand that creating art could be a messy undertaking. It drove Julee crazy, as she spent more time cleaning her room than actually teaching the kids how to do art. That experience, in part, led her to stop teaching in a school setting.”