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Julee Lowe’s Bio

Grace 06Julee was in hospice at her home for three weeks leading up to her death on July 30, 2012. During the first two weeks of hospice, Charlie found their house needed a revolving door as so many family and friends stopped in and stayed to share precious time with Julee. Charlie said, “The first two weeks of hospice were like a big party with Julee at its center, and she was loving every minute of it. Among other things, during that time Julee told our friends Dave and Sherrie Geier and Nan Hanway that she would teach them how to make artisan bread she had been bragging about for months. So we helped Julee into her chair (she was too weak by this point to stand or walk or even sit in a wheelchair), and she lectured her students on the finer points of making that bread as they scurried back and forth to the kitchen and to the oven. Julee dug right in and kneaded some of the dough, and we all enjoyed some of the product that came out of the oven. There must have been at least a dozen other family members and friends in the house at the time, and we all got a kick out of seeing Julee, as weak and ill as she was, still acting as the creative teacher. It was a joyous moment.” Nan Hanway added, “It really was a happy time. I had asked Julee for that lesson, so she invited Dave and Sherrie Geier and me over. It was perfect because Dave was a baker’s son, so it was a natural fit for him to be working with bread dough. As the lesson progressed, it was evident that Julee was in need of pain meds, but she didn’t want to take any because she wanted to be a part of the party. She stayed with us beyond her physical endurance to get the job done.”

At Julee’s memorial service, Father Jerry Thompson told those who had gathered to mourn and honor Julee, “Part of the way Julee participated in the life of God was through her creativity. She created her own kind of world through her art—a universe she shaped with her life. Using the gifts, the powers, the abilities that God gave her, Julee brought alive through color and light the images conceived in her mind and given form by her hands…Julee thought that there was something of her in the work she created. She would say that she is reflected in these creations that surround us, just as God is reflected in us and in all of the created order. Julee also used to say that not only was she reflected in her work, but that God was reflected in her work, too. Her art—her work of creating—it emerged from her knowledge of God. All of us are artists, whether or not we realize it. We shape our lives—we create our lives, with the gifts God has given us. And by God’s grace, we shape them so that we will fill the world around us with the reflected light of God—just as Julee did—only we do it with different materials.”