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Julee Lowe’s Bio

Julee the Artist 06

Julee shared in an interview that getting Abby to pose was easier than she might have expected. “She sat in the middle of my worktable the whole time, and I had to keep pushing her off.”

During this early phase of Julee’s stained glass career, slides of four panels she designed and created for a circular stairway were part of the American Stained Glass Association’s traveling slide collection of residential art glass. Good feedback from other stained glass artists around the country gave Julee the encouragement to move forward and hone her craft.

Julee the Artist 07When speaking of her initial studio space, Julie said, “I began in a space in my basement behind the water heater, and I had to be careful to not bump my head on the gas meter when I stood up. My husband Charlie and I soon built a bigger studio in another part of the basement, and that worked fine until my daughter Becky went away to college. That left just me and the dog at home all day long.”