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Julee Lowe’s Stained Glass Religious Installations


Following is a list of religious stained glass installations completed by Julee Lowe during her career. All the site information and descriptions below have been extracted from Julee’s records and shared by her family for the purpose of this project. Please note there may have been changes at some of the sites that are not reflected in this original listing. Special thanks to Charlie Lowe for providing this information from Julee’s archives. Please visit the Virtual Tour for photos and narrative for six selected sites from this list and the Gallery of Julee Lowe’s Religious Installations to view photos from some of these sites.

1981–2007 — Southview Christian Church (2040 South 22 Street, Lincoln) Five seven-foot-tall, semi-abstract figurative windows showing Christ in history, Christ in our lives today, and Christ in eternity. Also included in this site is a four-foot-by-six-foot semi-abstract window portraying Jesus and the Children.

1981 — Grace Lutheran Church (2225 Washington Street, Lincoln) Processional Cross.

19832001 — St. David’s Episcopal Church (8800 Holdrege, Lincoln) Twenty-six-foot-tall abstract, flowing Creation window in the west end of the nave with modifications made for a new building.

19852007 — Zion Lutheran Church (204 North Main Avenue, Sutton) Six door-sized windows of various religious subjects, a four-foot-in-diameter rose window, and a four-by-six-foot octagonal window of the Good Shepherd.

1986 — Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (6001 A Street, Lincoln) Six-foot-wide window above the west entry doors showing the Trinity.

1986 — All Faiths Chapel, Women’s Correctional Facility (York) Six abstract flowing windows, 5 ½-feet-tall.

1987 — Maplewood Chapel (Lincoln) A window of a dove behind the altar and one of the flower garden above the entry doors. Note: This site was included in Julee’s list but we have not been able to determine its exact location.

19871993 — Northeast Church of Christ (6200 Adams Street, Lincoln) Two six-foot-long windows depicting the church seasons and a five-foot-tall square “Welcome” window above the entry.

1988 — St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (909 Fourth Street, Arapahoe) Two windows representing the sacraments of Communion and Baptism, three windows representing parables and one window with Paul on the road to Damascus.

1988 — St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (114 North 10th Street, Wymore) Window depicting images of St. Luke the Evangelist.

19891991 — First Presbyterian Church* (306 North King Street, Cedar Bluffs) Eight windows, 5 ½-feet-tall, illustrating the life of Christ, plus a 65-square-foot entryway.

1989 — Trinity Chapel (550 West Rokeby Road, Lincoln) Six windows with symbols of the Trinity.

1990 — St. John’s Lutheran Church (712 Colorado Street, Culbertson) Fourteen windows, five-feet-tall, in a traditional repeating pattern with symbols of the life of Christ in the centers.

19932009 — St. Mark’s on the Campus Episcopal Church (1309 R Street, Lincoln) Two processional crosses, six altar candle sticks, two gospel candle sticks, one Pascal stick, a baptismal font, and sixteen clerestory windows each ten inches wide and 12 ½-feet tall.

1994 — House of the Transfiguration Episcopal Retreat House (610 West Eighth Street, Bayard) Two stairway windows and three chapel windows.

1996 — Newman United Methodist Church (2242 R Street, Lincoln) Two seven-foot-tall windows, one showing Jesus and the Children and the other portraying Jesus feeding the multitude. The site also has a Kwanzaa window and a dove with rainbow window.

19972005 — Calvary Lutheran Church (2788 Franklin, Lincoln) Nineteen windows depicting the life of Christ. Most are four-feet-tall and three-feet-wide. The installation totals 181 total square feet.

1998 — St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (2325 South 24 Street, Lincoln) General contractor for three diamond, leaded glass windows in the library.

19992001 — United Methodist Church (1515 B Street, Cozad) Designer for five windows above the entry doors.

2000 — St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (178 South Main Street, Buffalo, WY) Small entryway window.

2000 — United Church Methodist (201 East 8th Street, Lexington) Three large stained glass candle boxes for the altar area.

20002005 — United Methodist Church (304 North Fourth Street, Doniphan) Eight-foot-tall window of a sand hill crane, entry door surround and an eight-foot-tall stained glass window of a sunset.

2001 — All Saints Lutheran Church (8251 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln) Five-foot-diameter round landscape window with a rainbow, grapes, dove and the Tree of life. Note: All Saints is no longer at this site and the windows described above have been moved.

20012004 — United Methodist Church (302 Elm Street, Laurel) Five, six-foot-tall windows about the life of Christ, eight smaller windows with symbols representing the “I am…” statements in the Book of John, and four-by-six-foot window of Noah’s Ark.

2004 — St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (207 North Fourth Street, Doniphan) Designed and constructed a four-foot-diameter circle showing grapes, wheat, and a flying dove, mounted on a ten-foot- tall wooden cross suspended behind the altar.

20042005 — Aldersgate Methodist Church (8320 South Street, Lincoln) Five twelve-inch circles illustrating an abstract impression of the liturgical seasons.

2012 — Good Samaritan Hospital (Cancer Ward) (10 East 31st Street, Kearney) Mary Window.