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Heroes Among Us

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Corporate Sponsor

Heroes Project Chair: Anne Woita

Members of the Hildegard “Heroes” Team: Kim Einspahr, Charlie Brogan, Cathy Harrington, Therees Hibbard, Rita Kean, Rabbi Craig Lewis, Liz Shea-McCoy, Kim Moore, Pippa White, Ann Williams, Marilyn Stadler, Hayley Stamper, Alisha Bartels and Anne Woita;


About Heroes Among Us

As part of our mission to “Celebrate the Arts and Inspire humanity”, Hildegard Center for the Arts invited schools to participate in a special program for the 2012-2013 school year entitled Heroes Among Us. This exciting project was made possible through a generous $20,000 dollar Corporate donation from Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, as well as grant support from Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

Using the arts, Heroes Among Us provided students with rich opportunities to learn about heroism, to look for heroes in their community and to strive to be heroes themselves through their conduct and actions. All students (K-12) in public, private and home-schools within a 50-mile radius of Lincoln were invited to participate in Heroes Among Us.

Students in grades 6-12 (with the help of their teachers) were invited to participate in any three “Heroes” competitions: writing, art and short film. Please read below for a complete overview of the project. Details regarding the three competitions and events surrounding them are outlined on the following pages of our website: Writing – Visual Art – Short Film/Documentary

Project Objectives:
Upon completion of this project which considers multiple disciplines, the students would be able to:

  • Understand and define the meaning of the words hero and heroic
  • Learn the difference between someone who is famous and someone who is heroic
  • Identify the characteristics of a hero
  • Enter into classroom discussions to verbalize their opinions, insights and feelings
  • Learn how everyday people can be heroes and demonstrate an understanding of how famous heroes and real-life heroes compare
  • Show and honor (through their art, writing and school programs) heroes they have identified in their communities
  • Learn how (through their actions and conduct) they, too, can be heroes in their schools—in their communities
  • Participate in writing, art and/or short-­‐film competition(s) with the theme “Heroes” (for grades 6-12)

Hildegard also offered educators “free” lesson plans that met National Standards and applicable Standards included with the above objectives. To view Lesson Plans, Click Here.

Target Audience:
School children grades K-12, in public, private and home-schooled settings within a 50 mile radius of Lincoln (with grades 6-12 were invited to participate in the “Heroes” Competitions)


The Accompanying Hildegard Competitions:
Hildegard Center for the Arts provides opportunities for artistic expression and education that will enrich our community and enhance humanity.* Through the “Heroes Among Us” competitions, students in grades 6-12 were invited to submit their stories of heroes known to them personally or from their communities in written or viual-art form. In addition, a special competition was included for students who wished to create short film/documentaries focusing on the stories of unsung heroes. These original submissions should uplift and inspire the students, readers and viewers. (*Taken from Hildegard Center for the Arts Mission Statement)

Click here for description of the Writing Competition
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Click here for description of the Short Film/Documentary Competition

Special Outreach: Sixty-Six Workshops Offered
Heroes Among Us also reached out to children in special settings and circumstances in the City of Lincoln.  These workshops (66 total) were tailored specifically for “at risk” children at Matt Talbot Kitchen and OutreachCedars Youth ServicesPeople’s City Mission and Lighthouse.

The workshops incorporated both the language arts and the visual arts and invite students to explore the concept of heroes and heroism through a variety of opportunities that include history, literature, storytelling, dramatic readings, writing, poetry, creative art and symbolism. Noted local actress Pippa White and artist Liz Shea-McCoy were the selected Honoria recipients taught  the creative workshops. Through art, they helped students enter into discussions about heroes and verbalize their opinions, insights and feelings.  Students were encouraged to look for positive role models in their own community and to find ways to improve their communities and themselves.


Potentially 40,000 Students Reached!
It is estimated that over 40,000 students in eleven counties were touched by Heroes Among Us, with more than 175 schools (as well as home-schools) receiving valuable resources. We are sincerely grateful to Corporate Sponsor St. Elizabeth Region Medical Center,  the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and Humanities Nebraska, to Heroes Project Chair Anne Woita and committee, as well as to Hildegard’s supporters, friends and the many educators who who made Heroes Among Us not only possible, but extraordinary!




To learn more about the Humanities Nebraska, click here.   For the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, click here.