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Short Film Competition

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Congratulations to the Short-Film Winners!

Carolyn Wichers (featuring her Hero Sandy Caradori) and
Aaron Drennon,Trevor Paice & Brenden Zwiebel (featuring their Hero Hess Dyas)

Click here to watch the award winning films!

Click here to view pictures of the April 28, 2013 Awards Reception
Photographs courtesy of Angela Carroll, Gary Plouzek, Linda Arnold, Scott Tinkham and the Visual Voice Photo Forum Service Team.  Thank you! 

About the Short -Film Competition:

There are countless statues, portraits, depictions, books and movies about “Heroes” from the past and present; however, true heroes are often overlooked. Whether it is because of their humility or the fact that they are “quiet” heroes doing the difficult jobs others cannot or will not do, they often do not receive the recognition they truly deserve. Students were invited, through their teachers/facilitators, to submit a short film/documentary/media production (8 minutes or less in length) arising from the theme “Unsung Heroes”. For example, students could base their productions on the stories of a senior citizen, a retired or active military person, a community service person or some other “Unsung Hero” in their midst. Students were asked to use their imaginations and the rich human resources they could find in their own backyards to capture the stories that had gone untold. Group efforts/collaborations were accepted for this competition as well as individual efforts. The short film/documentary had to follow Competition Guidelines and were judged by a panel.

Like the Oscars, each short-film winner received a trophy, in this case, a “Hildie”; a bronze-casted original work by Nebraska artist Michael Montag.   In addition, their short-films were shown on the “big screen” during a special awards celebration held April 28, 2013 at Lincoln Southwest High School.

Purpose: To learn about and identify “Heroes” in the community and create a Short Film that tells a story of an “Unsung Hero” from the community

Theme: “Unsung Heroes in Our Midst”

Who May Enter: Students in grades 6-12 within a 50-mile radius of Lincoln. Short-Film entries had to be from current students (public, private or home-schooled) as of February 2, 2013.

Instructions for Submission of Short Films:  All entries with completed and signed forms had to be submitted by a teacher or facilitator (i.e. youth leader, administrator and/or parent/guardian) on behalf of the student.  Participants were asked to contact Anne Woita (402-890-2528 or with questions.

Kim Einspahr and Anne Woita served as Co-Chairs for the Short-Film Competition.

Home-Schooled Students – Cathy Harrington served as the home-school liaison to answer questions and facilitate participation.  Cathy could be reached at 402-730-6668 (cell) or via email at to discuss the logistics for submitting entries.

The Teacher or Facilitator was responsible for submitting all copies of the films and “Producer Statements” along with all required forms (Competition Participation Entry Forms, Hero Release Forms, Talent Release Forms, Production Location Contracts; permission and disclaimer forms and waivers).

Deadline Date for Submission of Short Films:  Film submissions could be received as early as March 1, 2013 with a deadline for all submissions of 5 p.m.,  Monday, March 11th, 2013 at Hildegard Center for the Arts, P.O. Box 5304, Lincoln, NE 68505.  Students were asked to contact Anne Woita (402-890-2528 or if special provisions were necessary for submitting entries.  Entrants were notified of judging results the week of April 1, 2013. Any entry that was incomplete or had not been received past the deadline was not eligible for judging.

Judges for the Short-Film Competition: Kim Einspahr and Anne Woita

Judging Criteria: Click here for judging rubric