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Art for Everyone

Making a Difference for Many

With the help of Lincoln artist Linda Arnold, Art for Everyone continues to outreach and touch the lives of others through art. Since 2010, Linda has partnered with Hildegard Center for the Arts to provide visual art opportunities for residents living at at Mahoney Manor and Burke Plaza. As a result of her dedication, the program is now also offered at Crossroads House!

Once per week at each facility for ninety minutes seniors receive art instruction as well as encouragement to believe “it is never to late to try”. Participants also get to see their artwork displayed at local galleries.

Linda’s time and creativity shared for Art for Everyone is completely volunteered. Hildegard supplies Linda with art supplies and plenty of friendly encouragement.  Hildegard Center for the Arts recently awarded Linda a bronze “Hildie” in honor of her selfless dedication to “celebrate the arts and inspire humanity” for so many in our community. Brava, Linda!

(Below) Art for Everyone artists

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Artists Linda Arnold and Ann Williams teach “texture and tone” using oil paints.


Artist Linda Arnold

The Mission of Art for Everyone is to provide opportunities for personal creativity and art appreciation to a population who does not have access to the arts, due to financial and/or physical limitations.

Art for Everyone uses a progressive approach which builds skills in both media experience and the elements of design principles to enhance personal creativity.

Art for Everyone also teaches the participant the ‘language’ of art. A gentle critique of the art produced allows the participants to express appreciation of what they have created and to recognize the qualities of the artwork. As the creative potential of each participant is enhanced, problem solving skills are developed, confidence is gained, and visual observation of the environment provides for new and interesting appreciation.

Florence Brandt – (Photography and painting)

Mary Jane Bonebright – (Painting)

Linda Becker – (Painting)

Artist Mary Valencia

Artists from Art for Everyone created a door for Hildegard’s collaborative public art project “Doorways to Hope”.   Having a unique perspective, the artists used a one hundred year old bard door that reflected ideas of hope that had sustained them for much of the twentieth century.  Titled “A Lifetime of Hope“, the door was purchased by the Community Woman’s Club and donated back to Burke Plaza, the original creative site,

(Left)  Mary Valencia was one of the AFE artists who helped create the door.  The photo of the beautiful little girl on the door is Mary!

To see more photos of the door and Art for Everyone artists in action, visit the official Doorways Project website here.

Remembering Fred Matulka

We at Hildegard Center for the Arts and Art for Everyone remember our good friend Fred Matulka, (better known as “Grandpa Fred”) who passed away in 2014. At age seventy-five, Fred began seriously drawing and painting after he was encouraged by his wife Janet to take an Art for Everyone class at Burke Plaza. Fred shared that AFE instructor Linda Arnold was the inspiration that got him started drawing again.

When Fred was a young boy, he entered an art contest and won! He was encouraged to pursue art formally, but didn’t think he was good enough, so he devoted his life to farming instead. Art for Everyone re-kindled Fred’s love for art and he continued to create up until his death.

Artists Linda Arnold and Ann Williams teach “texture and tone” using oil paints.

Fred Matulka

Volunteer Program Coordinator – Linda Arnold 

  • If you would like to participate in the Art for Everyone program, please contact Linda Arnold at