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Art in Non-Traditional Spaces


In 2013, Hildegard Center for the Arts launched another fresh and exciting arts initiative called Art in Non-Traditional Spaces. This project brought original art opportunities (visual, performing and education) to non-traditional audiences who otherwise might not have a chance to experience it.  This unique initiative included a variety of innovative outreach that gently touched and encouraged the lives of patients, children, the elderly and homeless. See some of the projects below.


Doorways to Hope
A creative partnership between Hildegard Center for the Arts and Lincoln/Lancaster Habitat for Humanity that used the arts to help raise funds for a new Habitat home called an ‘Art House Build’ with a family in need.  Unique to this project, all artists had to work with a community group to help them create their art!

Beginning Memorial Day 2014 through October 1, the doors were on display throughout the Capital City. The art was auctioned off at a community-wide event October 5, 2014 (2-5pm) at the Nebraska Tennis Center located at the Ethel S. Abbott Sports Complex in Lincoln (7600 North 70th Street).  Read more here!


It’s Original | Healing Arts
Hildegard Center for the Arts partnered with twelve local artists to place original artwork in healthcare facilities across our city. Locations included Lincoln Internal Medicine Associates and the Veterans Hospital of Lincoln. By bringing museum quality art to everyday locations such as health clinics and hospitals, Hildegard Center for the Arts hoped to create an environment of healing and enrichment for those who may not otherwise have opportunities to venture to a gallery. We are pleased to share the role of “It’s Original | Healing Arts will continue as part of Hildegard’s next initiative called “Bridges”.   Click here to learn more!


It’s Original | Healing Art Board Project

The Healing Art Board Project was an outreach partnership with artist John Hollingsworth that brought the act of creating to those who needed it most. With grant funding provided by the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln and Lincoln area hospitals, Hildegard placed John’s Healing Art Boards at six nonprofit health related agencies;

healingCHElogocolor.jpeg~LLCHD WIC Clinic
~People’s City Mission Free Clinic
~People’s Health Center
~Child Advocacy Center
~Friendship Home
~Clinic With a Heart.
Read more here!


It’s Original | Community Enrichment
For many, art is a luxury. Shelters and other places which help humanity in very practical ways often can’t justify resources for art when their focus is human suffering. With the help of Jameson Varpness Leftridge and others, “Community Enrichment” provided meaningful art experiences to at-risk children and families served at these various outreach locations.  Read on here!


Community Enrichment | Art for Everyone
Thanks to artist Linda Arnold, this program continues! The Mission of “Art for Everyone” is to offer visual art creative experiences to a population that does not have access to art opportunities due to financial or physical limitations. This program is currently offered to residents at Burke Plaza, Mahoney Manor Apartments and Crossroads. Weekly art instruction is the primary focus of the program by teaching art skills and increasing potential for creativity

Linda Arnold is the local artist currently serving as the AFE instructor. To learn more about Art for Everyone, click here!


Community Enrichment | Art from the Heart
One of Hildegard’s latest projects, “Art from the Heart” is flourishing and will continue under the new initiative “Bridges”.   Developed by art educator Cathy Harrington and assisted by Marilyn Stadler, this program bridges Pius X High School students with Legacy Residents to provide hands-on art experiences for residents living at Legacy Retirement Communities.   Learn more here!