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It’s Original | Healing Arts


Project Chair, Kim Einspahr
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The Arts can inspire, empower, encourage, connect and challenge us. They can awaken the human spirit and take an ordinary moment such as dew on a flower petal and grab our attention, slowing us down to recognize and take in the beauty of the world around us. The Arts can also heal. Hildegard Center for the Arts appreciates how creativity can enlighten and enrich our world, yet it recognizes that not everyone has the opportunity to engage in original art experiences.

As part of Hildegard’s current initiative titled “Bridges,” HCFA continues to work collaboratively with local artists for an important outreach program, called It’s Original | Healing Arts.  Through this partnership, Hildegard Center for the Arts is able to offer original art experiences to audiences in nontraditional settings that enlighten, heal and inspire—connecting people of all ages and walks of life.

The objective of It’s Original | Healing Arts is to bridge the arts with nontraditional audiences to inspire the human spirit and create an environment of healing, nurturing and enrichment

It’s Original | Healing Arts
– Imagine you walk into you doctor’s office feeling distressed and uncomfortable and immediately your consciousness changes as you experience beautiful, original artwork dressing the walls of an otherwise sterile and high tech environment. In our fast paced / mass produced world, our souls long for original beauty and quiet moments often experienced with appreciating art. In the environment of a hospital or clinic, research has shown that art can reduce anxiety and pain associated with illness.

Art samples of Healing Arts
It’s Original | Healing Arts
 provides collaborative opportunities for local artists to place their original artwork in healthcare facilities. By bringing museum quality art to everyday locations such as clinics and hospitals, Hildegard Center for the Arts hopes to create an environment of healing, nurturing and enrichment for those who might not otherwise have opportunities to venture into a gallery.

Marcia Bauerle with her painting

Marcia Bauerle


Lincoln Internal Medicine Associates

Over the past three years, Hildegard Center for the Arts has partnered with local artists to offer original art for patients/staff at the office of Lincoln Internal Medicine Associates (LIMA) and the Veterans Administration Hospital ~ Lincoln. Currently the art is exhibited at LIMA.

Participating artists at Lincoln Internal Medicine Associates include: Marcia Bauerle, Julia Noyes, Robert Kugler and Patricia Scarborough.

Past artists: Pam Apley, Deb Biggs, Susan Brasch, Karen Lynn BowlingAngela Carroll, Janet Fraley, Janna Harsch, Cathy Harrington, John Hollingsworth, Angie Johnson, Sue Kouma-Johnson, Robert Kugler, Julie Lemons, Liz Shea-McCoy, Layne Mills, Aurelia Thomas, Julia Noyes, Ann Williams and Michael Williams. 


Patricia Scarborough

Patients and Staff – According to Dr. Sarajane Eisen, a leading researcher on evidence-based art, “Research has revealed the important role art plays in contributing to a supportive environment, which in turn contributes to stress reduction and the healing process.” Many suffering from chronic illness, disease, or those whose only outings are health-related are the real benefactors of this project as well as the staff of the offices. It allows individuals the opportunity to encounter beauty in a unique location and in a special, more intimate way.

Not only does this outreach enrich and inspire the lives of nontraditional audiences, it also provides local artists with an exciting space in which to exhibit their work and give back to the community. Our Hildegard thanks go out to all the gifted artists who have shared their work for this meaningful outreach program.



Susan Brasch is a native of Minnesota who has been a professional artist since 1982.  She is a symbolic artist who is fascinated with different perspectives, light/shadows and the time of day.  A graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she’s participated in exhibits and galleries on several continents. On a local level, Susan has shared affiliations with UNl-L, Nebraska Arts Council, the Burkholder project, and the Lincoln Arts Council’s CASA Project. She is interested in the “journey” and the touchstones that move her along the way. Susan presently teaches creativity workshops and painting commissions.

Marcia Bauerle is an award-winning mixed-media collage artist and certified art teacher. Using hand-painted papers and artifacts of life, she creates stunning collage works in which composition, design and balance are essential elements. Notable series in her body of work include images of sunflowers, aerial landscapes, views from U.S. Highway 6 and postcard-sized abstracts. She instructs artists at Mid-Plains Community College. When not on the road with family or art commitments, Bauerle’s home base is Imperial, Nebraska.

Angela Carroll lives in Lincoln, NE. Carroll’s special interest is landscape and nature photography and her work has been published in two local books; Seeking The Light and The Art and Architecture of The First Plymouth Church. Carroll works as a freelance photographer for Nebraska Life Magazine and serves as President for the Lincoln Camera Club.

Robert Kugler is a native of Broken Bow, NE. He served in the Marine Reserve from 2000-2009. and deployed to Iraq in 2007-08. Afterward, Robert moved to California and volunteered in various disasters with a team of veterans and used his camera to help tell his stories. He’s currently back in Nebraska  finished his degree in Fire Protection Technology and is certifying to be an EMT. He’s not sure where he’s headed next, but he’d like to continue to learn and grow his writing and photography skills to better share his journey.

Layne Mills lives in Broken Bow, NE. She was drawn to nature at an early age and her art depicts the spacious Nebraska prairie.  Mills’ formal art education includes a BA in Art Education University of Nebraska at Kearney.  She has studied with Barbara Nechis, Patty Scarborough, Deb Grosser and Marla Baggetta, and Ned Mueller. Layne recently won top honor as the American Plains Artist, for “Art of the West Magazine.

Julia Noyes lives in Lincoln, NE and is director of the Noyes Coop Gallery, (119 S. 9th St., Lincoln), founded in 1993.  She is known for her vivid abstract expressionistic paintings. Inspired by nature, people, architecture and her painting studies in Italy, China, Egypt and Russia.  Julia combines layers of lively color, textures and shapes and has been commissioned to design approximately 300 murals depicted in many different styles.

Patricia Scarborough, a Nebraska native, has focused on painting landscapes of the Midwest since she wound her way through Kearney State College, graduating eventually with a degree in Fine Art. She works from her home studio, making regular forays into the countryside near her home in Geneva in pursuit of an understanding of her place in this rural environment. Her oil and pastel paintings can be found in collections on several continents. 

Aurelia Thomas lives in Lincoln, NE. When Aurelia’s six children left for college, she decided to go with them! Aurelia studied art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1982 – 1987) and the Peninsula School of Art in Door County, WI. Her art is shown throughout the city of Lincoln; at the Noyes Art Gallery, Out of the Box Studios and the downtown Senior Center in Lincoln, NE.

Michael Williams lives in Grand Island, NE. His medium of choice is acrylic paint where he specializes in a technique known as “extruded acrylic.” Along with his studio in Grand Island, Michael also has a studio in residence at the Noyes Art Gallery, Lincoln, NE.


Healing Arts_John Hollingworthlight

Artist, John Hollingsworth

Artist John Hollingsworth partners for  “Healing Arts”

Expressing oneself through the act of creating has the potential to heal someone on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level that in turn can aid in the health and healing of the physical body. With the help of John Hollingsworth, the Healing Art Board Project is a special outreach project that brought the act of creating to those who needed it most.

With grant funding provided by the Community Health Endowment and participation from area hospitals, (Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center & Bryan Health Hospitals), Hildegard Center for the Arts placed John’s colorful Healing Art Boards at six health agencies: LLCHD WIC ClinicPeople’s City Mission Free Clinic, People’s Health Center, Child Advocacy Center, Friendship Home & Clinic With a Heart.

Healing Art Board Project
About the Boards (left) | Each art board was created from a 2′ x 4′ rectangular board that has been coated in magnetic paint.  Corresponding shapes were cut from thin pieces of wood, painted in bright colors with acrylic paint and sealed.  The wooden shapes have a magnet backing.  Art boards can be structured with a stand with casters (so they can be moved) or affixed to a wall.healingCHElogocolor.jpeg

Our thanks to John Hollingsworth, the Community Health Endowment and Lincoln’s area hospitals for providing Hildegard with this meaningful outreach opportunity!