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Book “Seeking the Light”

About “Seeking the Light”

The book began with a community-wide “Call to Photographers” photo competition held earlier in the year, March 2011  Hildegard Center for the Arts invited all budding and professional photographers (15 yrs. and up) to submit their recent personal photos of Sacred and Spiritual Art and Architecture in and around the Lincoln area. Images could also include labryinths, cemeteries and spiritual gardens.  A team of artists, photographers, and architects juried the photo entries May 2, 2011: Brad Clark, Kevin Clark, David Dale, Cathy Harrington, Nancy Heiser, Mary Jane Nielsen, Jonathan Roth, and Ann Williams.

All winning photographs were published in the book, along with images of the eight tour sites featured on the Lincoln Spiritual Art Tour 2011. Historical photographs were also included from the “Townsend” photo collection (courtesy of Brad Clark) and the “Edholm and Blomgren” photo collection, (courtesy of Jonathan Roth), providing the reader with a nostalgic peek into Lincoln’s lighted past.

Hildegard Center for the Arts would like to thank Tom and Rhonda Peed fromSandhills PublishingCharlie Calhoun from Jacob North Companies, the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment for their generous underwriting support to help fund this project.

“Call to Photographers” Winners, published in the book:

  • Kristen Blankley
  • Cindy Brown
  • Angela Carroll
  • Terry R. Cox
  • Tracy Sykes Garrett
  • John Kenkel
  • Joan Phelan
  • Elaine Samsel
  • Christine Schleich
  • Liz Shea-McCoy
  • Jay Spilker
  • Jamie Steckelberg Scott
  • Karen Taubenheim

Comments from Artists who Participated:

“Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the “Seeking the Light” book. It was so amazing. The reception yesterday was wonderful and it was a great opportunity to meet others who enjoy photography as much as I do. I can honestly say the experience has changed me spiritually and my approach to photography. What a wonderful project.” 
Cindy Brown

“The Hildegard Spiritual Art Tour, “Seeking the Light” book and signing were first class. Truly a joy to be a part of. I have been part of exhibits and shows down South-but this experience was so unique that it has set itself apart from the others. So personal, and meaningful…I personally experience a sense of pride by being included.”
-Tracy Sykes Garrett

Special Thanks To:

  • Brad Clark and Jonathan Roth, who shared their photo collections for the historical section of the Book. In addition, gratitude to Ed Zimmer, for providing the historical information pertaining to the collection.
  • Local author and photographer Mary Jane Nielsen and photographer Cathy Harrington, who photographed all tour site locations in the book.
  • Editor, Kim Einspahr, Assistant Editors, Rita Kean and Gail McNair
  • Design Team, Sheli Barrett; Jacob North Companies and Jonathan Roth and Kim Einspahr.
  • Ken Runge and Cathy Schwisow, Jacob North Associates, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Brian Bock, Pease Bindery, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska
  • “Seeking the Light” Book Committee: Brad Clark, Kim Einspahr, Cathy Harrington, Nancy Heiser, Gail McNair, Mary Jane Nielsen and Anne Williams.