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Call to Photographers

In March of 2011, Hildegard Center for the Arts held a city-wide Call to Photographers competition, inviting all budding and professional photographers (15 yrs. and older) to submit their recent photographs of sacred art and architecture in and around the Lincoln area (within a 10 mile radius). Submitted photos could also include labyrinths, cemeteries, and spiritual gardens.

A team of community artists, photographers, and architects juried the competition entries and all winning photographs were published in Hildegard’s new book Seeking the Light. The book will be released to the public and available for sale during the 2011 Lincoln Spiritual Art Tour, August 28th.


Competition Judges: Brad Clark, Kevin Clark, David Dale, Cathy Harrington, Nancy Heiser, Mary Jane Nielsen, Jonathan Roth and Ann Williams.

Hildegard would like extend gratitude to those who served as judges, as well as to the many photo artists who submitted photographs for the competition.

The following list includes all Call to Photographers winners. Congratulations!

WINNERS published in book Seeking the Light

  • Kristen Blankley
  • Angela Carroll
  • Cindy Brown
  • Terry R. Cox
  • Tracy Sykes Garrett
  • John Kenkel
  • Joan Phelan
  • Elaine Samsel
  • Christine Schleich
  • Liz Shea-McCoy
  • Jay Spilker
  • Jamie Steckelberg Scott
  • Karen Taubenheim